We started with a core principle in mind: That everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest in aesthetic technologies to bring about your most beautiful self. We have an in depth understanding of you and your needs because we've been in your shoes. We believe fundamentally that everyone deserves to look in the mirror and see their most beautiful self.
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Donna Boyd, BSN RN

"We keep a core principal in mind: That everyone deserves to feel beautiful"
  • Over 7 years of medical experience
  • Cross trained by experts
  • Belief in making you look natural
  • Award-winning software and technology
  • Patient-first approach
  • Injected with artistry
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It raises the level of med spa experiences to a new level. If you are anywhere near Kauai, or plan to visit, please make sure to treat yourself to Kauai MedSpa. I’m just hoping she opens in California. I highly recommend Kauai MedSpa without hesitation!

The treatments associated were unlike any I’ve ever received. The vitamins and minerals imparted a glow to my aging skin that were remarkable.

Since returning home, many people, including friends and clients, have commented on how supple and smooth my skin looks. Even my hairdresser commented on the improvements in my skin, and she is a serious student of skin care.

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